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Scarborough’s Property Profile

With over a millennium of history under its belt, Scarborough has a fascinating mix of properties to offer. Perhaps most famous are the town’s fabulous guesthouses, several of which are centuries old.

A building survey from our RICS chartered surveyors can dig right down (not literally!) into the past and present of these grand old properties, ensuring they can remain a pleasure for tourists to stay in for many generations to come. Call our Scarborough office today on 01723 371 466 to arrange an appointment with our passionate and knowledgeable Scarborough chartered surveyors.

Scarborough’s coastal location provides a number of problems that need specialist identification and that’s why we are proud to be incorporating Simon Ward with over 30 years experience locally in the Scarborough area.

Our head surveyor Jon Charters-Reid and the team have lived and breathed Yorkshire’s buildings over the course of a long and distinguished career. Our experience spans hundreds of years of architecture, and we know the city’s geography and the ways in which it can affect buildings like the backs of our hands, from the area’s infamous clay-rich soil to instances of poorly planned tree planting throughout the town which all can cause potential problems with the property.