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Home Mover Report

Our Home Movers Survey is our most popular property survey offered to clients. It provides the best value for money for our customers by combining an in depth report about the property with an independent valuation by an RICS registered valuer. This survey is usually suitable for properties in need of minor renovations and improvements.

As one of the most innovative and forward thinking surveying companies in the country we offer a bespoke service to each customer and take into account their special requirements and particular concerns.

The Home Movers Survey will involve a non-destructive inspection of the visible parts of the fabric of the building as well as the easily accessible part including the roofspace and drain inspection chambers. We will comment on the fixtures and fittings, the service installations, outbuilding, latent defects that may occur with a particular property type, inherent defects, and unsafe DIY work.

We have local knowledge of the East coast, so if you are buying a home in the Scarborough, Whitby and Fileyareas and we will take into account local variations in specific building types, for example, houses that have been converted into guest houses, and then converted into houses in multiple occupation.

We are experienced in identifying traditional and non-traditional building types (prefabs) and identifying the latent and inherent defects that may occur within them.
In addition to a bespoke, in depth survey we offer a free after sales advice service and we are more than happy to discuss your report in depth.

The home mover inspection involves a loft inspection a large part of the building. Many Hombuyer reports DO NOT inspect the loft. The loft can have a number of defects taking place and gives an opinion on the internal part of the roof which may be defective. Many defects in roofs are found particularly in the Scarborough and Whitby area.

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