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Building Survey

Our Building Survey is a very detailed report with extensive levels of inspection.

A building survey on a typical Scarborough property would:

  • Identify the cause of the defect
  • Specify the remedy
  • Advise on repair
  • Advice on extensions or alterations
  • Advice on structural cracks or defects
  • Advice on settlement
  • Advice on subsistence
  • Advice on tree problems
  • Advice on historical buildings

These reports examine and report on the main structural elements – by a qualified Chartered Building Surveyor.

We provide advice on contractors estimates and how to avoid cowboy builders.

The building survey is typically a detailed 10,000 word report with photographs and annotations if required. This type of report is suited for older properties and often neglected buildings. It is perfect for any listed building. Larger building would benefit from a building survey too.

We are:

  • qualified and have extensive local knowledge
  • we are correctly trained and know the local area